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Hi, I'm Dana - pronounced
"Dan-ah" like "Hannah"

I'm a food enthusiast, certified mixologist, Bowspring instructor, health coach and lover of good design and packaging. I left my full time 'secure' job to explore my many passions and find my purpose. Sound too woo-woo? Well over the course of a year I was able to dive deep into the teachings of Bob Proctor, Napolean Hill and Sean Croxton to discover and shift my paradigms and explore the power of thought. I became so passionate about this study, that I knew I had to expand and share it with others. I am eager to help you break down barriers, discover your limited belief systems and seek a life of fulfillment, health and general well-being. I'm naturally very excited about life, and enjoy helping others find the same light within them. 

This site is designed to share my thoughts, recipes, yoga dharmas and insights. I am also creating an online course - Mindset, Movement and Magic, that will be released early in 2018. Stay tuned!


The only meaning anything has is the meaning I give it.
— Tony Robbins