bowspring offerings--Let's Bounce!

Private Yoga - $100 (1-hour sessions)
If you aren't ready for a public class, or have specific issues you would like to address, a private class may be just what you need. From therapeutics to strength and flexibility training, a private or small group class is helpful. Email me with questions, or for discounted plans.

Public Classes - $20 (drop in rate)
Come take a public class! My public class is at Vital Yoga in the Highlands Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm and Sundays 8:00-9:30am. Come bounce, sweat and bowspring through class.

Corporate Yoga Classes - $150 (50-minute class)
Corporate yoga provides employees with tools to align their bodies beyond the yoga mat. Set your office up for success even while sitting at a desk, on the phone or in meetings. Classes can be customized to your needs. Email me for pricing and further details.


what is the bowspring?

The Bowspring is an ideal postural alignment for all of life’s daily activities. It is a curvy "double S" shape in the body that provides for maximum capacity in ordinary tasks like walking, sitting, and even more specialized exercise activities like yoga, running, weight-lifting or any athletics.

By aligning toward the Bowspring template, students of any age can learn to move with springy agility and vitality. It is the quintessential “power pose” of successful business people and athletes. The Bowspring builds a feeling of inner confidence, and a holistic relationship to one’s body-mind. 

What we repeatedly do each day strongly influences the shape of our bodies. In Western culture most people sit for the majority of their waking hours, often over 10 hours per day. Car seats, desk chairs and sofas are all designed for comfort rather than healthy posture. Because of this the vast majority of our society has hip, shoulder, neck and back pain. 

The “double S” shape focuses on expanding the ribcage circumferentially, sending the glutes behind the ribcage and mounding them in an upward motion, and lengthening the entire torso. Combined, these actions create a natural narrowing of the waistline and fullness in the upper back and pelvic floor, mimicking an hourglass shape.

The Bowspring brings uniform, vibrant tone to both the back and the front of the body resulting in lightness, whole body strength, and expanded consciousness in any activity.

Positive outcomes of using the Bowspring include:

  • Authentic confidence
  • Even tone across the front and back body
  • Increased self-awareness of psycho-emotional patterning within our default posture
  • Healthy circulation and opening of the connective tissue
  • A bouncy lightness in attitude and body
  • Increased ability to focus and overall ability to be more mindful

The Bowspring alignment is accessible for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. This powerful postural template converts the most common daily positions of sitting and standing from heavy, static poses into light, dynamic positions full of the spring and fluidity of life.

Visit and the Bowspring Facebook page to learn more about this revolutionary alignment system.