The Work of Working from Home Pt. 2

So you got all excited about working from home after my last post. I don't blame you. All I needed to hear was no alarms! But there are definitely some difficulties to this avenue and you can read about them below:

  • Help! I'm thirsty. So, I struggle to drink enough water! Yes the faucet is right in the kitchen, but it's not the same. At my office, I used to get up and fill my quart jar with water/tea multiple times per day. It was like a break. But for some reason, I have to force myself to drink water at home. I'm actively working on it after only having 16oz by the end of some days. Yikes. Hydration is important, people! Before working at home, I never could understand how people don't guzzle water all day long. But now I have a more compassionate perspective. It's also given me some tricks and tips for clients who struggle with this.
  • Hmm, my hair didn't use to get greasy. Days go by and you haven't showered, dressed, or really left your desk chair. Since I wake up, do my morning routine then go straight to work, I don't usually shower first thing. That's fine and good, but often that leads to no shower at all. Whoops! General appearance and hygiene can go down the tube because you are alone at home and who cares? So I have to make an extra effort to do these things. 
  • I have to be WHERE by WHEN? Getting dressed and out the door becomes an (often exhausting) ordeal. Yes, you heard me. God forbid I actually have to get showered, dressed and out the door on a schedule. I seem to have forgotten my general efficiencies and really struggle with this. I had to get my oil changed the other morning and drop my car off then work from a coffee shop. I was so stressed trying to get everything organized so I could actually work away from home.
  • Anyone, anyone?? Remember chatting with your co-workers? Just to kill time or unwind? Maybe bouncing ideas off of them to see if 1) you are crazy or 2) it's a brilliant idea? Well that goes out the door when you work from home. You may need a pet for these things. And warn your S.O. (significant other) because when they get home from a day at work, you are desperate for attention and human interaction. 

So these are just a few of the unexpected consequences of working from home. I'm sure as I do this longer I'll have more issues, and also more ways around them. Stay tuned!