Let's Make a Meal

Do you feel stuck in a food rut? Perhaps each week you just blindly buy the same things at the grocery store, but still can't satisfy the looming question - what's for dinner? Let's face it, we all know it is going to be healthier and cheaper to stay home to cook and eat (I mean, even the alcohol is cheaper at home!). But so often the meal is not thought through in advance, and you end up eating PB&J and chips, or lettuce with a side of frozen pizza. Or you go to the cheap and quick restaurants - Noodles & Co, Chipotle, Subway etc. Or, you go out out to dinner and spend a pretty penny for convenience. Ok, whoa I get it. So where's the common ground between crappy but cheap, cheap and fast, and expensive yet convenient? It's me!

When we work together to create a meal plan, I will take the planning out of the process for you. I will find the meals and prepare the grocery list. All you have to do is purchase the food and stay home to cook. But wait, you might be thinking that you don't have time to actually cook a meal. But you do, I promise. I will provide you with meals that can be prepped in advance, or put together in 45 minutes or less, if that's what you need. That's about what it takes to drive to your food provider of choice and back. I will also tailor the meals to your needs/desires. Maybe you want to cut out gluten but don't know how to make meals without it. Or perhaps you love fish, but are not sure how to cook it. Even if you are interested in slow cooker meals, or grill-only meals. No request is out of reach! No matter your situation, I can help you plan for weeks of healthy, delicious food.

Let's do this together!

What you will get:

  • 1 Hour Skype Call - First we’ll have a call or Skype to talk about what kind of foods you like to eat and/or what types of food you want to avoid. We’ll also discuss any diet trends you want to stay within and general food and health guidelines, which will help clarify the food choices and meals we plan.
  • 7 Day Meal Plan - After our initial call, I will put together a customized meal plan (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, desserts, etc.) for your household. We will review the plan together to make sure everything is clear. You will likely have more meals than you need for one week, so this plan can be mixed and matched for up to a month of fresh and delicious food.
  • Pinterest Board - If you use Pinterest, I will create a board for you with all of the meals plus additional meals you may like. As I come across food that suits your needs, I will pin them. You can also use this as your personal meal inspiration board.
  • Shopping List - To coordinate with the plan, you will receive a shopping list with all ingredients necessary for the week of meals.
  • Meal Basics - The Meal Basics PDF will highlight pantry and fridge staples so you are always prepared to make “go to” meals that are healthy and relatively quick. This will help you still eat healthfully even if you are short on time and/or don't have a plan for the day.
  • Pantry Guide - One of the best ways to eat well is to have a well stocked pantry! The pantry staples guide will show you what key items you should keep on hand so you can make a meal in a pinch. 
  • Fridge/Freezer Guide - As with the pantry guide, the fridge and freezer guide will help you stock up on essentials so you have access to quick meals. Since space is much more limited, there are smart ways to pack the fridge and freezer so you actually use the food that is in there. 
  • Understanding - Throughout this process you will gain a better understanding of the meal planning process. You will be able to use the "Meal Basics" guide to plan your own meals, and reach into your recipe archives to put a fresh spin on every meal of the day. You will be able to save money in the long run, and know exactly what food you put in your body. Meal planning is essential and often overlooked. But you can do it!

Investment: $325

This comprehensive plan will help you with general planning and eating beyond the initial week Often you don't need 7 meals in a week, so this plan will scale and can be tweaked for over a month. Once you understand the basics, you will be able to successfully plan and prepare healthy meals each week. The meals change seasonally, so clients often ask for a new plan for each season. Each week of meal planning is $75 (once you've completed the initial consultation).

Email me to schedule an initial call so I can answer all of your questions. 

You can do this!